HG-Motorsport Onlineshop - EGO-X "race"catback exhaust for Seat Leon 1P UK w.o. mid silencer EGO-X catback exhaust wo. ECE for Seat Leon 1P UK wo. mid silenc HGBXAGAVAG12R
EGO-X catback exhaust wo. ECE for Seat Leon 1P UK wo. mid silenc

EGO-X catback exhaust wo. ECE for Seat Leon 1P UK wo. mid silenc

EGO-X tshirt:
selection of control :
with switch ( open / close )
with remote control
  + 49,00 EUR
Bull-X Tronic "Race" Can-Bus control unit
  + 299,00 EUR
silencer construction valve/flap:
ArtNr.: -RL
non resonated
ArtNr.: -ARL
Tail Pipe style :
Without TailPipes
2x 89mm beaded incl. ballhead principle
  + 119,00 EUR
le+ri 89mm sloped sharply incl. ballhead principle
ArtNr.: HGERRS8964
  + 119,00 EUR
le+ri 100mm rolled
ArtNr.: HGERBX100G
  + 119,00 EUR
le+ri 100mm not rolled (ball Head)
ArtNr.: HGERRS10164
  + 119,00 EUR
le+ri 89mm Carbon fibre incl. ballhead principle
  + 219,00 EUR
le+ri 101mm Carbon fibre incl. ballhead principle
ArtNr.: HGERCAX101
  + 249,00 EUR
le+ri 100mm titanium rolled incl. ballhead principle
ArtNr.: HGERTIT101
  + 249,00 EUR
li+re 114mm carbon fibre tailpipes clamping style
ArtNr.: HGERCAX114
  + 269,00 EUR

incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
Product No.: HGBXAGAVAG12R
Shipping time: 4 to 6 weeks

EGO-X catback exhaust without ECE for Seat Leon 1P UK without mid silencer

This EGO-X exhaust system without ECE for Seat Leon 1P UK is processed by TIG welding and handmade in 3".

It consists of absorption silencers, without chambers. While driving, you´re able to control the exhaust flap. If your vehicle has got a travel profile selection, it will also be possible to control it by this, as far as you´re purchasing our Bull-X Tronic Control Unit. For vehicles without a travel profile selection, you can control it too, but by a supplied button.

If you don´t have a drive profile selection but you choosed the Can-Bus control unit, you can get the included button in silver or black and in the following lighting colors: red, green, blue or white.
Light on: Valve closed, Light off: Valve open. 
Please enter your color selection at the end of the order in the comment field so that we can add your matching button.

You can decide, if the exhaust flap is opened or closed, because you´ve got the control of it by a switch or remote.
If you´ve purchased our Bull-X Tronic Control Unit you´ll still be able to open the exhaust flap while the car is standing, but the Control Unit opens and closes the exhaust flap while you´re driving, according to ECE guidelines.

General at the Bull-X Tronic are two control possibilities:
- sport (dynamic, race)
- comfort (valve opens at 75%
throttle position) There is more information in our Info-Video. This exhaust system has no type-approval.

As far as You´re purchasing an EGO-X exhaust system, you´ll receive an exclusive T-Shirt and a sticker pack for free! These exclusive products are only available at a purchase of an EGO-X Exhaust System and not on general sale!

Technical details
- Pipe diameter: 3" (76mm)
- Pipe material: stainless steel
- absorption silencer: handmade in house

- switch, remote or Bull-X Tronic flap control

- TIG welded


- Catback Exhaust system
- switch, remote or Bull-X Tronic Control Unit
- Connection materials to connect the control unit to the on-board electronics
- Vacuum hose for activation of the exhaust flap
- Tailpipes (optional available)
- Installation Manual
- Mounting materials
- Note: This exhaust system is only delievered without mid silencer.

Suitable for following models:
Seat Leon 1P UK
rear bumper

BULL-X Exhausts produces exhaust systems at the highest level.
Bull-X is a trademark of the HG Motorsport GmbH and deals with the development, design and manufacturing of high-performance exhaust systems. Each product is 100% Made in Germany and hand made by our company. For more informations about us, click here.

EGO-X is a product line of Bull-X Exhausts. The special features of this line are the processing in TIG welding, the materials and the possibility of a registration free flap exhaust system. More information can be found here(german).

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