BULL-X "MO-LI" pre silencer for VAG02 exhaust systems


"MO-LI" Pre Silencer for Bull-X VAG02 exhaust systems

"MO-LI" means more outside - less inside

These Silencers have been developed especially for drivers who want a sporty sound, and a correspondingly loud exhaust system without interfering frequencies occuring in the interior of their vehicle.

silencer structure lets your exhaust system get loud outside of the vehicle and inside of your vehicle the bassy and low tones are minimized.
due to the higher noise levels outside of the vehicle this silencer is not permitted on public roads.

Material: Stainless Steel
- Fully TIG welded
- Pipe diameter 76mm (3 inches)
- Replacing the pre silencer of your VAG02 Catback Exhaust
- Without TÜV / German MOT / approval on public roads

You can take a look in our PDF for VAG02 Y-style components. For a better views, please click on the picture.
The PDF is interactive and you can click on the articlenr. to get to the product.


  • Holder for: 1K Soil Group: Golf Mk.V+VI, Leon 1P, Scirocco etc.
  • Holder for: MQB Soil Group: Golf 7, A3 8V, Leon 5F, Octavia 5E, etc.

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