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Customized intercooler by HF-Series

Customized intercooler by HF-Series

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Custom Made
Sie haben einen absoluten Sonderwunsch? Auch kein Problem!
Sofern Sie unter den vorangegangenen Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten von Ladeluftkühlern wirklich nichts passendes für Ihre Anforderungen gefunden haben, bieten wir Ihnen die Möglichkeit, komplett nach Ihren Vorgaben zu fertigen. Machen Sie uns, wie im Beispiel unten, eine Zeichnung mit genauen Maßangaben und Sie kriegen einen Ladeluftkühler exakt nach Ihren Angaben, und wie bei allen unseren vor Ort gefertigten Produkten, in tadelloser handwerklicher Verarbeitung.

1. Zeichnung des Kunden mit Maßangaben

  2. Berechnen und Zeichnen der Ladeluftkühler-Kästen   3. Zuschnitt des Roh-Materials für die Kästen
4. Schweissen und Kanten   5. Drehen der Halterungen aus Voll-Aluminium   6. Fertigstellung des Ladeluftkühlers ...

HF-Series intercoolers and intercooler networks are basically recognizable by the HF-Series logo on the front of the net. If you would like a special charge air cooler or a single net without a logo, please contact us by e-mail under request@hg-motorsport.de.

Declaration of HFRS intercoolers:

High Flow "Racing Series" Intercooler

HFRS-intercoolers are characterized by a high flow rate of charged air. This is achieved by rounded charge air guides. Ideally HFRS intercoolers are placed in areas where a direct air flow can be ensured.

The blades of our HFRS cores are provided with
a patented tubular shape in flow direction, on the pressure side, to create a maximum heat transfer surface, whereby the inflowing charge air only slowed down slightly, but it will not be jammed. Because of this, the pressure drop when measuring from the intercooler inlet to the outlet is minimalized.

These features make our HFRS intercooler cores perfect for ultimate charge air flow and cooling. So you should choose these intercoolers, if your intercooler should / can be placed directly in the airstream and it comes to maximum performance from your vehicle.

HFRS intercooler cores are available in the following dimensions:

core height: 100mm - 897mm
core width: 450mm - 600mm
core depth: 41mm - 86mm

Declaration on
HFT intercoolers:

High Flow "Turbulator" Intercooler

Our HFT intercooler cores are, just like our HFRS cores, high-performance intercooler cores.

But unlike at the HFRS intercooler cores, the pressure side offset turbulators of our HFT coolers  in the charge air ducts are incorporated and the blade fins are slotted in direction of incoming air.

This has the result that the charge air is decelerated somewhat stronger than at our HFRS-coolers, thereby slowly flows through the intercooler and because of this, the effective convection can occur over a longer period.

This cooler variant is particularly suitable for vehicles that are moving in everyday life. Due to the structure of the network of our HFT cooler they are both directly in the wind, as well as behind the climate and water cooler or even placed optimally in the sandwich principle.

HFT intercooler cores are available in the following dimensions:

core height: 85mm - 890mm
core width: 450mm - 600mm
core depth: 37mm - 100mm

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